Feature List - ActiveAssignments

Here is a summary of all the features available in ActiveAssignments

  • Anonymous posting

Enable all students to participate and feel included. Anonymous posting is always viewable by the instructor. 

  • Embedded Attachments

Attach files of any kind and any size. Place assignment and course materials right inside the discussion thread.

  • Content Sharing

Easy sharing of any content from YouTube, social media platforms and anywhere on the world wide web.

  • Hashtags

Use hashtags, just like any social media, to sort posts and content. 

  • Search 

Search keywords, or hashtags to find content relating to the same topic or narrow down posts from a particular user. 

  • Sort

Sort posts by students or anonymous posts by selecting the users from a dropdown menu. 

  • Easy Grading

Grade discussion assignments in bulk based on given criteria and requirements.

  • Aggregated Grading

Easily aggregate and review each student's activity in context.

  • Anonymous Grading

Remove biases by anonymizing student names and review & grade on merit.

  • Auto Grading

Autofill grades for all students based on completion of set assignment requirements. 

  • Post and comment requirements

Create assignments that require discussion engagement. Set minimum thresholds for posts and comments to be made on a discussion assignment.

  • Word count

Set minimum levels of engagement with required word counts.

  • Hidden posts

Require students to create and share a post before they can see or copy a classmates work.