Feature List - ActiveFeed

Here is a summary of all the features available in ActiveFeed

  • Anonymous posting

Enable all students to participate and feel included. Anonymous posting is always viewable by the instructor.

  • Live meetings

Organize a quick, live meeting via Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Attendance can be graded for live meetings.

  • Recordings

Audio or Video recordings to ask or answer complex questions, showcase a project, make a presentation, introduction and much more.

  • Attachments

Attach files of any kind and any size. Share documents, notes, pdfs, third party links, and more.

  • Content Sharing

Easy sharing of any content from YouTube, social media platforms and anywhere on the world wide web.

  • Polling

Quick polls to gauge interest levels, times to meet, spike engagement, or quickly measure understanding.

  • Delay

Automate posts by scheduling them for particular days and times. 

  • Hashtags

Use hashtags, just like any social media, to sort posts and content. 

  • Search 

Search keywords, or hashtags to find content relating to the same topic or narrow down posts from a particular user. 

  • Sort

Sort posts by students or anonymous posts by selecting the users from a dropdown menu. 

  • Pin posts

Pin posts to the top of ActiveFeed so students can see the important stuff at the top of the page. All other posts will appear below the pinned post. 

  • Notifications

Customize notifications based on user preference and receive them via web, email or push. 

  • SayMyName

Users can record their name in their voice- a simple, inclusive measure to ensure all students are addressed properly.