Using Search functionality in ActiveClass

Search functionality is available in ActiveFeed as well as ActiveAssignments

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 5.25.51 AM
  • Search by keyword

Simply type any keyword to search for posts containing it. As soon as you start typing, only filtered posts will show up on the Feed.

  • Search by user

You can also search for posts made by a particular user. Every key entered filters posts containing the key.

Psst: It is also possible to filter posts by a particular user by using the 'Posts By' feature available to the left of the search functionality. The dropdown menu lists all users in the course. 

  • Search hashtags

You can use the search functionality to search for hastags already in use- Simply typing # in the search bar brings up all posts with hashtags in them.

You can also search posts by hashtags. This will filter all posts with the particular hashtag.